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I have been involved in teaching and educating children for over 35 years from coast to coast. Teaching and instructing in:

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agogo bells

“We saw a definite improvement with students with motor coordination and attention span issues.  One child with learning delays, who is usually unwilling to try new things, achieve excellent drumming skills by the end of the program.  The achievement, I believe, improved his self esteem.”  Ruth Nenaber,  Site Supervisor of Manzanita Extended Learning Program

“As a master teacher and artist, Mosheh’s high artistic standards have been exemplified through his knowledge and skill as an educator in the art of drumming and folklore.  His mentorship influenced a generation of students that have become drummers, teachers, and mentors themselves.  He is highly respected amongst his colleagues and has a distinguished  reputation in his community. “  Dr. Zakarya Diouf, Diamano Coura West African Dance Company

After my travels to various countries, over 5 continents, I learned that ,unlike our culture, most people throw away very little. Materials that are usually discarded such as plastic bags, cans, bottles, pop bottle tops, buckets, etc. are used to produce art, musical instruments, such as rattles, strikers, drums, flutes, containers, bracelets, necklaces, etc.

This program teaches children to respect the environment in which they live by learning to recycle practically everything “but the kitchen sink” and using it as a tool for cultural creativity.  Using this model teaches the value of preserving natural resources, concepts of recycling and an opportunity for cross cultural learning that encourages respect for other people and cultures.  This is a way of protecting the environment for future generations while having loads of fun.


“My knowledge of Mosheh Milon’s work as a percussionist over the past 22 years only skims the surface of the vast contributions he has made to the African drum and dance community throughout the nation.  He has served as musical director for some of the nation’s most notable African dance companies from Chicago to Atlanta to Oakland to New Orleans. During his tenure in these institutions and many others, he has trained thousands in the art of West African percussion.” Latanya Tigner, Administrative Coordinator, Dimensions Dance Theater 

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My Biography:  Educator

Recently I have expanded my focus to working with children with special needs and challenging behaviors. Drumming is an effective tool in assisting children to deal with social and emotional issues.   In small group or one-on-one settings, drum making and the art of drumming is used to teach the importance of focusing, setting and achieving goals, moving beyond negative stereotypes, team building and instilling unity through cultural creativity.  These teachings reflect the manner in which values are incorporated into the traditional teaching of drumming and reinvented to serve contemporary urban youth.

Mosheh Milon, Sr.  As a teacher and musician, my mission is to keep the culture of the drum alive and flourishing.   I have been blessed  with great teachers and master drummers over the years.  I am dedicated to passing on these traditions and giving back the gift that was given to me.

Mosheh Milon, Sr.